GarageSale-258x300Consider how full of everyday garbage our land fields are. This is the reason that we recycle. Put your plastics in one bin, your burnable stuff in another, cans and metals in this stack, and other stuff goes into this trash can. Combine that with the theory of “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” and it should not surprise you that one way you can recycle is to shop at yard sales rather than visit your local department stores to find your treasures. You will save money and perhaps find a few treasures that you didn’t know you wanted if you join a community wide yard sale.

Why A Yard Sale Rocks

Some people feel that yard sales are simply junk that other people are trying to get rid of. In some ways this could be true. However, it does work to keep the things they no longer want or need out of our landfills and allows those things to be used in other ways by other people. All you need is a desire to help clean up the area’s landfills and perhaps a little creativity within your mind.

For instance, say you visit a yard sale and you see an old table that someone wants to get rid of. It may be old. It may be scared up. With a little paint and time, though, it could become a great piece of furniture for your home. An old photo frame could be the same way as could any number of other things that you may find.


You may also find something that you can repurpose. Their old end table could become your new bedside table. Their old DVD cabinet could become your new book case or what-not shelving unit. You can take anything from a yard sale and turn it into something truly useful for you. A community wide yard sale event, gives you even more opportunity to find those hidden treasures.

Where Is Yard Sale Being Held?

If you are interested in cleaning up the landfills and repurposing some of the things that others may throw away, you can visit Garfield, WA on the last Saturday in July. This year, there will be a lot of people participating in it so that they can avoid throwing out their old, unused items, while they make a little bit of money off of their treasures. All you have to do is visit and see what is available.

From there, you may decide that you want to get rid of some of your own unused items. If so, perhaps you could also try to get others in your area to consider getting rid of their old items. Your entire community could learn to come together and make a little money, while letting others have the things they no longer want. How could that be un-enjoyable? Perhaps eventually you could start doing it yearly and give your community something to look forward to once a year, just like they do in Garfield. With a little effort and enough supporters, anything is possible and who wouldn’t support doing something good for the community?

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